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Donating online is the simplest way to help our Members along their path out of poverty. You can partner with The Community Works in employing communities and restoring lives.

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The path from poverty to self-sufficiency is a journey, not a step, and long-term support is essential to creating lasting change. We are the only local resource operationally equipped to go the distance with our Members, and our efforts will pay off in meaningful, measurable ways.



Provides for the development of an additional trade training program.


Vice President

Provides for additional pop-up training locations througout Lake County.



Provides for retention and advancement training and coaching.



Provides for counseling and legal services to members for barrier removal.



Provides for employment coaching and budgeting and financial training.



Provides for member transportation to workplaces.



Provides for training materials for five members.

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Our Model Works

Most social service agencies treat the symptoms of poverty with transactions: groceries from a food pantry, medicine from a free clinic, rental vouchers from a government agency. Our model treats the root of the problem, providing access to stable jobs and personalized coaching to help individuals retain and advance within those jobs.People who need to change their lives, and are willing to do so, come to us and become Members for life. Our coaches help them work through the roadblocks that keep them from getting and keeping a job, while honing the soft skills that are necessary in a professional setting. In addition to employment coaching, we provide:

  • financial coaching
  • behavioral health counseling
  • transportation assistance
  • legal advocacy
  • chaplain services

Once stable in a job, we move our Member toward advancement – connecting them to training or education that can further their career, while continuing to address barriers in their personal and professional life. The goal is not merely to place a Member in a job; it is to assist the Member in becoming economically self-sufficient.